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  Laoling DE embellish health food co., LTD. Is a Texas cazenove group wholly owned subsidiary,Was established2010Years8Month,Located in laoling into west road79Number,The factory area317m,Accumulative total investment more than3One hundred million yuan。And the company“JiRun”The trademark has been rated as agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise in shandong province、Forestry enterprises in shandong province、Chinese jujube industry well-known enterprises、The Chinese ten big jujube brand、China fruit top brand,Product has passed the certification of national green food mark,At the same timeISO9001Quality management system、HACCPFood safety management system、The United StatesFDA、The European UnionBRCSuch as the four international certification,Becoming the first made in dezhou jujube products export qualification of enterprises。

  The company has domestic advanced jujube juice concentrate、Beverage filling、Candied dried dates、Several pastry fillings such as production lines,The enrichment jujube juice production line for all over Asia the most advanced production line,The vacuum extraction technique and jujube juice clarification technology within the same industry as the first,Is the first domestic production enterprises with the technology。

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DE embellish food sold one thousand ancient Chinese jujube9Month4Sunday night,Our company took part in the laoling picking right auction and ancient Chinese jujube in one thousand“Golden sweet“Brand conference,The activity theme”
Company to attend“Chinese jujube dietary nutrition health industry summit and red date health...8Month31On the afternoon,To take this2019The eighth in shandong(LeLing)Red jujube and health food industry fair chance,LeLing held“In the
Jujube exposition,Our company is seriousThe fall,The city thread jujube sweet。8Month31Day,2019The eighth in shandong(LeLing)Red jujube and health food industry exposition grand opening
My company“Good meat food”Regional public brand licensing 8Month30Day,“Good meat food”Laoling agricultural regional public conference was held in blue ocean hotel brand。DE
Summer into dairy industry leaders to visit our company 7Month15Day,Has been hailed as a fortress of pearl wong into dairy industry vice President in the summer of ningxia、The chief engineer Jiang Zhenqiang with quality、Procurement、
DE embellish food to go throughHACCP、ISO9001Supervision and auditHACCPHazard analysis critical control points,Ensure that the food consumption in production、Processing、Manufacturing、In the process of preparation and consumption, etc
DE embellish, open a new chapter ...DE company since its establishment,Has been committed to LeLing specialty resources——Processing of gold thread jujube、Research and development、Application and sales,And gold
Day, let the fruit color——Honour enjoy day,Nourishing fruit colorBrand is the symbol of wealth,Marked the quality,The accumulation of culture,Is the enterprise most important intangible assets,With the development of the market economy to change
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